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Electrical Services for Houston, Texas

by admin on October 22, 2015

For electrical services, Houston calls on the experts at Cravens Electric. Cravens Electric is the most requested electrician in Houston because Cravens offers a superior service. As a licensed Master Electrician, Cravens Electric provides the expertise needed for your electrical services. Since the term electrical services encompasses so many various facets it is safe to say that we can do all major electrical repairs for residential clients.

Electrical Services for Houston Texas

Some of the most common electrical repairs can be found on our residential services page but if you have a specific project and need a qualified electrician, then Cravens is the right choice. Cravens Electric has been offering quality electrical repair services in Houston since the turn of the century. Cravens Electric will meet with you to discuss your project and give you the kind of insight you need to make an informed decision about the work being done before we ever get started.

Up Front Pricing For Electrical Services

If you are calling Cravens Electric chances are good you are already in the dark (pardon the pun). We won’t leave you in the dark regarding the price of the electrical services that we provide to you. Before we get started, we will give you a fair quote for services that we intend to provide, only the services that you approve!

If we uncover anything that needs your attention through the course of providing our services, one of our qualified electricians will immediately make you aware of the situation and advise you of the best, most affordable course of action. We will not amend your quote without your approval. We believe that up front pricing for electrical services is the best policy.

Unlike many of our competitors who contract electrical services, and inflate the price as the work ensues, Cravens Electric sticks to their word. Many times there are unseen factors that may increase the cost of the final project, unforeseen things that could cause potential safety or code issues down the line. Again, we will not commence with any additional work without apprising you of the need and getting your approval first! That is our promise!

Guaranteed Electrical Services

Cravens Electric stands behind the quality and professionalism that we offer our clients with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If we do not meet or exceed your expectations we will make it right, guaranteed! We are so confident that we can do the job and get it done right that we will do what it takes to make sure that when we leave your home you are 100% satisfied with the finished work.

No other Houston Electrician can do it like Cravens Electric. We believe in customers for life. When Cravens performs electrical services at your home we want to know that we can count on your business for the life of your home. Often times we will perform electrical services only to be called back out again for subsequent work.

Since we do everything under the sun with regard to electrical services, it is not uncommon for us to be the electrician of choice for clients that have already experienced the high level of professionalism that comes with the Cravens Electric brand.

Check out the SuperGuarantee on SuperPages and our reviews on Home Advisor!

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