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Cravens Electric Will Do Both, Throughout Houston and Surrounding Areas

Electrical outlets (also known as electrical sockets or receptacles) become more and more burdened every year. As the number of power-hungry devices in the home increases, the number of outlets you need increases.

Most people respond to this problem by purchasing a new power strip, which slowly leads to overloaded circuit breakers and multiple power strips on each outlet. Not only can this be dangerous, it can also lead to regular breaker trips when too many high power-load devices are placed onto the same circuit.

At Cravens Electric, we have the solution. Simply install new electrical outlets. One or two additional outlets in a device heavy room can help to cut down on the number of unsightly power strips. And if you’re already having issues with tripping breakers, then it may be time to install a new electrical circuit anyway.

As certified master electricians, Cravens Electric techs are fully capable of wiring and rewiring homes, so an additional circuit is an easy fix. Alternatively, if the majority of your plugs are taken up by USB-powered devices, you can simply update the existing outlets to receptacles that already have USB ports installed, saving on space.

TV and Phone Jacks

Want to create a new media center or install a TV into a separate room? Then you probably need to install new cable jacks and TV hookups. Whether you’re refitting a new room, building an addition to your home, or simply moving furniture around and don’t want a cable running across the room, Cravens Electric can install the outlets you need. We can move, update, or install any kind of communication or data cable, from phone line to Ethernet.

Expert Service

The next time you need a new outlet installed, especially when new wiring is required, call the expert electricians at Cravens Electric. When you schedule a service, we arrive on time. We don’t like to be kept waiting either, so we’ll give you a courtesy call before we arrive, and arrive at the time we say we will.

Your satisfaction is important to us. We want to be called the next time you need an electrician so we’ll treat your home and your time as if it were our own. We’ll cover our shoes and clean up our work area when we’re done. You’ll also be made aware of any costs before we take action, so there are never any hidden fees.

Call to schedule a quality service appointment from Cravens Electric today at 713-485-0468!