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Whole House Safety Inspections

Just because a home has yet to have an electrical disaster doesn’t guarantee safety. Even new homes can have issues with improper installations or problems that develop from rodent damage, human damage, and normal wear and tear. A full home-safety inspection is the best way to catch these issues early (before they become a problem, or before you finally close on that new house). At Cravens Electric we recommend getting a full home electrical safety inspection whenever:

  • You Remodel Your Home
  • Are Purchasing a New Home
  • Are Selling Your Current Home
  • More Than a Year Has Passed Since Your Last Inspection

Whole House Safety Inspection

What’s involved in a whole house safety inspection? Many of the things we check are obvious parts of a safety inspection such as outlets and switches. But our inspection also checks to make sure there are no issues with your wiring.

We check for older wiring or faulty connections between fixtures and wall wiring. We test loads on your circuit breaker to make sure you aren’t dangerously overloading any existing circuits and we check any GFCI and AFCI outlets and breakers you may have.

Our techs are also fully up-to-date on current electrical code requirements and will keep an eye out for any dangerous code violations. If you’re inspecting a home for sale or purchase we can advise you on what will need to be fixed or retrofitted in advance. We’ll even follow up with the repair ourselves!

Our safety inspection doesn’t stop there either. As a bonus we’ll inspect any and all smoke and CO detectors as well as whole-home surge protectors. If there are any damaged or missing devices, we do both repairs and installation and get your home protected quickly.

Watt are you waiting for? Call and schedule your service with Cravens Electric today at (713) 485-0468.