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Put Your Home in the Best Light with Fixtures and Installations From Cravens Electric

Getting the lighting just right for your yard or patio can be a difficult task, and installing it is something that should be left to professionals. That’s why Cravens Electric specializes in yard and landscape lighting. We can do all kinds of outdoor lighting from ambient patio lighting to path and accent lights, we can install it with minimal effect on your existing buildings and yard.

  • Path Lighting – We recommend using 24-volt light fixtures for outdoor ground lighting. Low-voltage fixtures are less dangerous if they become unearthed by weather or hit with a lawnmower. Low-voltage path lighting makes your yard functional, beautiful, and safe.
  • Patio Lighting – Cravens Electric is fully equipped to install or repair outdoor lighting for your patio or deck. Whether you want an outdoor ceiling fan with a light kit, simple downlighting, or bannister lighting, we can install it for you today.
  • Feature Lighting – We realize you’ve spent a great deal of effort decorating and landscaping your yard. We want to make sure that any features or highlights of your yard can be seen and enjoyed regardless of the time. We can advise you on the right type of lighting and fixtures to highlight your yard’s features, showing off your home’s best side.
  • Lighting Controls – We can install and setup any controls you need for your outdoor lighting. There are many features of your yard that do not always need to be illuminated. We can install custom controls that feature both manual and automatic control of your yard’s lighting. We can even add an astronomic clock to turn on your lights once the sun goes down.

For any and all outdoor lighting needs, call the expert electricians of Cravens Electric at 713-485-0468.