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Light Up Your Life with Fixtures and Installations From Cravens Electric

Lighting is both complicated and essential. Cravens Electric will cover all fields of lighting installation and repair. We work with both indoor and outdoor lighting, from low voltage ground-level floodlights, to driveway and security lighting.

As the most requested electricians in Houston, we’re proud to serve. We can install and repair lighting circuits in both commercial and residential buildings and we work with both new constructions and remodels of existing buildings.

Our Services Include:

  • Downlights
  • Chandeliers
  • Ceiling Fans with Light Kits
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Office Lighting
  • Low-Voltage Lighting
  • Track Lighting
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Seasonal and Holiday Lights
  • All Types: Incandescent, Fluorescent, LED, or HID

We can install or troubleshoot any lamp or light source. While traditional incandescent lights can usually be fixed with a quick connection or a bulb replacement, newer systems require more troubleshooting before a repair can be suggested. We know what to look for and can advise you on additional replacements or fixes such as ballasts, housings, mountings, or alternative technologies.

Light Fixtures

We install a wide range of fixtures in multiple locations. If you need a recessed fluorescent light for an office or workroom, we can advise you on bulb type, ballast, and the actual fixture before installing them. That way you get exactly what you ask for.

Since we work on both overhead and underground electrical wiring, we can install all kinds of outdoor fixtures including in-well ground lights, path lighting, and up-light flood lighting fixtures. When you call for an installation by Cravens Electric you get a knowledgeable team that knows fixtures and can deliver not just a clean installation, but can advise you on the best choices to maximize your lighting for energy efficiency and comfort.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is a simple way to increase the feeling of extra room in your home. Downlights, recessed fluorescents, and other recessed fixtures hide up above the ceiling. The result is a smooth ceiling with extra headroom.

The lack of bulky fixtures suspended from the ceiling gives an open and airy feel to the room. As an added bonus, many newer lighting technologies (specifically LED and CFL) do not nearly as much heat along with their light. What heat is generated is vented into the attic, reducing the cost of cooling your home. Cravens Electric can help you install any and all types of recessed fixtures, you just need to ask!

Call Cravens Electric, Houston’s most requested service team: 713-485-0468.