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New Building, Addition, or Remodel, Cravens Electric Is On the Job

The best time to do an electrical wiring job is when everything is being installed in the first place. It’s much easier to install wiring, junctions, circuit breaks, switches, and outlets when a building is first being put together than it is to go in and fix them.

As the most requested electrical service company in the Greater Houston area, Cravens Electric is fully prepared and trained to get the job done right the first time. If you want to avoid untimely wear and tear on your electrical system, get it installed correctly the first time by trusting in the experts at Cravens Electric!

Residential Electrical Wiring

We are the most requested residential electrical rewiring experts in Houston. We can help bring your electrical system up to code and replace your old, outdated, home or office wiring with new updates and up to code wiring. Many older homes are wired differently from conventional homes. You may have noticed this if your home was built sometime before the electrical codes were updated and you tried to install a new switch or even a ceiling fan. Outdated wiring can cause failures and improper functionality in new installations.

For residential electrical rewiring, Houston calls on the professional electrical services of Cravens Electric. Licensed, bonded and insured, Cravens Electric is Houston’s first choice for professional electrical rewiring and code updates. If you are planning on purchasing an older home have, it inspected first. If outdated wiring is present, insist that updates be made and give us a call. If you own an older home and you are selling and want to bring your wiring to current code before the sale of your home give us a call.

Schedule Your Electrical Wiring Today

Cravens Electric residential rewiring services are one of the most requested services we provide. Let us give you an estimate for your electrical wiring update.

Cravens Electric has the experience that you want when it comes to the electrical wiring of your home. Most electrical fires are caused by faulty or overloaded wiring in homes. The safety of your family rides on quality wiring and we truly care about you and the safety of your family. This is why we take great care to make sure that your home rewiring is done with absolute care.

Call Cravens Electric today for a quick quote on all your remodeling and construction needs: (713) 485-0468