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Ensure Your Family’s Safety by Installing 120V and Battery Powered Smoke And CO Detectors

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors protect your family and home from fires and CO poisoning. It doesn’t matter whether the source is an electrical fire or a cooking mishap, home fires are dangerous and a fast response is the only answer.

Smoke alarms detect the most obvious sign of fire and alert you to its presence. Likewise, carbon monoxide is an invisible and odorless gas that’s released when carbon burns. It can enter the home as a byproduct of something burning outside or due to issues with your home’s internal heating, either way it’s dangerous and the earlier you realize it’s a problem the quicker you can react to it.

Proper Installation

Proper home safety requires smoke and CO detectors to be installed on every floor of the building. Interconnecting your smoke alarms is the safest method. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, people in a home with interconnected fire alarms are more likely to hear the alarm and realize there is a fire.

Professionally installed smoke alarms will be interconnected and placed in prime locations where they’re more likely to detect smoke from possible fires at the earliest possible time.

Smoke and CO Detector Power Sources

Not all alarms are the same. The traditional battery-operated smoke alarm requires regular replacement of the battery. Alarms with 10-year batteries are not designed for battery replacement and must be replaced as a complete unit when their power source depletes.

A professional electrician can install a house-voltage fed alarm which does not need a battery replacement. Line-voltage smoke and CO alarms are powered by your house voltage and typically include a rechargeable battery backup for emergency power failures.

Regardless of the power-source, you need to test your smoke and CO detectors regularly. As part of our home safety inspection, we inspect and test all smoke and CO alarms to make sure they’re functioning properly. If there’s a problem with the unit, Cravens Electric can help you find and install a replacement.

Improve your home’s safety today with working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms!

Schedule an appointment with Cravens Electric for a smoke and CO detector installation or a full-home safety inspection at (713) 485-0468.