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We’re the Most Requested Electricians in Houston TX and Beyond

Anytime you have an electrical issue, you don’t want to hire someone who will simply throw parts at the problem until it goes away. At Cravens Electric, we listen to what you say about the problem, then troubleshoot your electrical system until we find the actual cause. Once we know the exact cause of the problem, we can fix it the first time, satisfaction guaranteed.

In fact, we won’t even start work until we’ve told you what the solution is and given you a price estimate for what the fix will cost. You won’t be surprised by the final cost of the repair either. If we run into an additional hidden issue, we’ll let you know before we continue so you can decide how you want to proceed first.

We Troubleshoot All Electrical Problems

It doesn’t matter how big or small the issue is, we’ll find a solution for it. Is there a problem with the wiring in your house? We’ll find the root cause no matter how long it takes and offer a solution to resolve it. Whether it’s a simple outlet repair, or if you need an entirely new fixture, we can and will solve the issue.

Our team of electricians undergo continual training so they can stay up-to-date on the latest news, technology, and techniques to give you the best and most economical solution regardless of the problem you’re facing.

Location Doesn’t Matter

We can do our job no matter where the problem is located. We work on both overhead and underground cable runs. No matter where we have to work, we’ll do our best to return the work area to how we found it because your house and your satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us. If you aren’t satisfied then we haven’t done our best, and anything less than our best is unacceptable.

We’ll troubleshoot any electrical issue from home wiring to lighting fixtures, indoors or out.

Call today to schedule a technician from Cravens Electric to look at your home: (713) 485-0468.