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Residential or Commercial, Cravens Electric Offers Full Wiring Services

Cravens Electric supports service on electrical wiring of all types for clients in the Houston area. We can handle small electrical services and wiring, including drops from your box to your service termination points. We can also help you update your old aluminum wiring to the safer, modern copper wires.

Electrical Wiring in Houston Texas

For electrical wiring, Houston calls on the expert services of Cravens Electric. We are experienced in rewiring outdated wiring with the latest code worthy wiring. We carefully plan each drop to ensure that your wiring connections are solid. We examine each drop to make sure that lighting fixtures, cans, boxes, outlets, and switches are all current before we finish wiring your home.

We are meticulous about wiring your breaker boxes so that your wiring is neat and organized. Often times we find boxes that look similar to a fishing rod with backlash! We make sure that our connections inside the breaker boxes are picture perfect and secure.

Knob and Tube Rewiring

Cravens Electric, your qualified Houston electrician, specializes in the replacement and rewiring of knob and tube wiring. We can remove and replace this antiquated wiring with copper electrical wiring that is up to date and meets current national electrical codes.

Knob and tube wiring (often abbreviated K&T wiring) was commonly used in buildings during the late 1800s on into the 1930s, and can present electrical problems which include fire and electrocution if not properly corrected. If you have this kind of wiring you will know it immediately by the way that it looks when exposed. Knob and tube wiring consists of copper conductors inside of your walls, which pass porcelain insulating tubes at various contact points throughout your home. Knob and tube wiring is supported along the length of each drop by porcelain knob insulators.

Because of advances in electrical wiring, this type of wiring has been discontinued from use in modern construction; however, it does still exist in many homes across the nation. The Heights area of Houston, which is renowned for its classical, vintage homes and beautiful picturesque buildings, often houses this knob and tube wiring. Cravens Electric can help you with your knob and tube removal and get your home or office up to speed with the best, safest, most efficient and cost effective electrical solutions in Houston!

With a new electrical installation from Cravens Electric your knob and tube problems, like the wiring itself, will be a thing of the past. Cravens Master Electricians can evaluate your home or business and help you to map out a plan of action that will be the least invasive and help you get your home or office up to standards. Cravens Electric is the most requested electrician in Houston because we GUARANTEE our work. When you need a Houston electrician, you need the professionals at Cravens Electric. There is no knob or tube rewiring job too big or too small.

Cravens Electric can help you replace your knob and tube wiring to bring your home or building up to code using the most current electrical standards and materials.

Schedule Electrical Service Today

Call Cravens Electric today and you will experience a level of service like no other. Cravens Electric holds a Master Electrician license and is bonded and insured. Cravens Electric proudly serves the Greater Houston Texas Area with quality electrical services.

We guarantee our services and are on time every time. We are clean and courteous (you won’t have to clean up after us). And we always take the time to explain to our clients what we are doing. We believe that an educated client is a great client and ultimately a referring client. In fact, the best compliment you could give us is a referral.

Before we begin work we will evaluate your project and give you the best, most cost effective solutions. If you have any questions about our work, we will work with you to ensure that you understand the scope of the work completely. When you need electrical wiring and rewiring call on the professionals!

Cravens Electric handles electric wiring and rewiring of all types in all locations, so call today at 713-485-0468 and schedule service!