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Cravens Electric

Quality and pleasant service

The best electrical services in Harris County can be found at Cravens Electric. We provide Humble residents with friendly and quality services. We treat all our customers with respect and value their time and business. No matter how complicated the job, our electricians remain patient and pleasant. We work with you to fix your electric issue to the best satisfaction. The city of Humble honors people of great servitude and we also seek to serve people in our community. We do this by offering the best quality electrical services and putting our customer’s needs first.

The job gets done

We offer solutions and resolve issues. If the issue is not resolved you get your money back. Any service delivered by Cravens Electric is guaranteed to be done right. If something is goes wrong, our support team will make the problem right so that you get exactly what you’ve paid for.

Why choose Cravens Electric

We can fix all electrical problems. As a full service electrical company, Cravens Electric will repair, install, or replace any electrical equipment in your home. With over 20 years of experience, we can handle any job you call us for, whether it’s as simple as light switch installation or complex as rewiring of your home. We have a team of highly experienced technicians who have most likely worked on a similar job before. You won’t regret choosing Cravens Electric over other electricians in Humble. Give us a call to schedule your appointment.

Service you can trust

We will provide you with clean and quality service. We give you a free quote before we begin the work, and fully explain the problem and solutions. We don’t do a shabby job and you won’t have to call us a few weeks later regarding the same issue. If there is a problem, you can rely on us to continue working on it until the issue has been resolved.